Hashgraph Hedera18 Global Hackathon

The Hedera 18 Hackathon is making its way to Tel-Aviv on October 15-16, 2018! This two-day hackathon is an opportunity for tech enthusiasts to access the Hedera hashgraph platform and envision the next big idea for an entirely new class of decentralized applications.

Hackathon Challenge?
Using Hedera Hashgraph APIs, teams will leverage the high throughput, low consensus latency, and transaction order fairness to build DApps in categories such as gaming, supply chain, social causes, micropayments, and IoT.

Teams have the chance to win cash prizes, Hedera tokens, and could see their DApp incubated and deployed on the Hedera hashgraph platform.

1 Grand Prize winner: 50k
3 Local winners per location: 1st: 10k | 2nd: 7k | 3rd: 3k
(prizes will be a combination of Hedera coin and USD)