Pacific Telecommunications Council 2019

Pankaj Miglani

How Carriers Must Evolve to Harness Digital 2.0 Opportunities

Jan 2019

We’re in the ‘as-a-service’ age. From transportation to entertainment, traditional business models are being challenged by new-age agile startups redefining the way we conduct business. The world of telecommunication is no different. Telecom carriers are broadening their horizon beyond selling commoditized services such as fixed-line, mobile, and broadband, and are looking to unearth new avenues and harness additional revenue streams with the advent of OTT content, IoT, and other value-added services. What does this mean for wholesale carriers? The CEO of Global Business at Airtel, Pankaj Miglani, takes you on a journey tracing the future of the telecommunication industry and shares insights into how telecom carriers can drive business growth in this age of rapid digitization.


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