The Atlantic Inclusion in Tech 2017

Libby Schaaf

In Our Own Backyard

Dec 2018

Mayor Libby Schaaf was inaugurated into office in January 2015. She immediately launched an ambitious agenda to elevate one of America’s most diverse and progressive cities into an equitable and resilient city. Born and raised in Oakland, Schaaf led initiatives to offset the cost of living crisis, reduce crime, improve transit and infrastructure, and expand educational and career opportunities for the city’s most vulnerable residents. She developed Oakland’s “17K/17K Plan” to protect 17,000 low-income households from displacement while producing 17,000 new housing units by 2024. She created the city’s first Department of Transportation, a new urban design unit focused on transit-orientated development that intersects safe streets with housing and transportation. Mayor Schaaf received national attention for launching the Oakland Promise, an education initiative that aims to triple the number of college graduates from Oakland by 2025. To date, the initiative has sent 700 Oakland high schoolers to college with scholarships, and is on pace to support more than 1,000 students by fall 2017. In November 2017, 500 babies born in low-income neighborhoods became the first to receive $500 college scholarships through the Oakland Promise; within three years, every child born into poverty in Oakland will receive a college scholarship at birth, along with support services throughout life to make college the expectation for every child born in Oakland


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