The investment, growth, exit cycle of marketing technology is often vast and frequently surprising. This panel will take a look at the kinds of companies and technology that are most likely to be acquired this year, and the factors to look for when trying to spot an upcoming IPO or acquisition.

Rohit Kulkarni

Vice President, Internet Equity Research at RBC Capital Markets

Rohit is a vice president covering mid-to-small cap Internet companies at RBC Capital...

Peter Stabler

Analyst, Wells Fargo Securities

Peter Stabler is a managing director and senior equity research analyst at Wells...

Robert Peck

Analyst at SunTrust

Robert Peck has been covering technology for over 20 years and the Internet for...

Farrell Hudzik

Managing Director at Accenture Interactive

Farrell is a Managing Director leading Accenture Interactive’s Global Loyalty...


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