Our panel will discuss the key challenges and opportunities as marketers and publishers attempt to address audiences across devices in 2016. In addition – will mobile-first companies be able to effect the best strategies as it relates to digital “martech”?

Jennifer Lum

Co-Founder & CSO at Adelphic

Jennifer Lum is the chief strategy officer and co-founder of Adelphic, a leading...

Matt Asay

VP, Mobile at Adobe

Matt Asay is vice president of mobile for the digital marketing business at Adobe,...

Omar Tawakol

GVP & GM, Oracle Data Cloud at Oracle

Omar Tawakol is a leader in Silicon Valley and sees revenue in data. His intellectual...

Nitin Bhutani

VP of Marketing at LendingTree

Nitin Bhutani is the VP of marketing at LendingTree, responsible for marketing...

Martin Kihn

Research Director at Gartner

Martin Kihn leads the data-driven marketing practice at Gartner, focusing on ad...


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