Advertisers can now insist on buying only high-quality digital ad impressions, a key macro-innovation of the last two years. Our power panel of CEOs from the top independent measurement firms will explore the key technology imperatives and customer needs that are defining their growing niche.

We will touch on viewability, fraud measurement, time-in-view and other nuances of the verification space.

Scott Knoll

CEO of Integral Ad Science

Scott joined Integral Ad Science in 2011 and has helped expand the company’s...

Wayne Gattinella

CEO & President at DoubleVerify

Wayne Gattinella is the CEO and president of DoubleVerify, a high-growth internet...

Jonah Goodhar

CEO at Moat

Jonah Goodhart is the CEO and co-founder of Moat, a New York–based analytics...

Michael Tiffany

CEO at WhiteOps

Michael Tiffany is the co-founder and CEO of White Ops, a security company launched...


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