Innovation Management

Emerging inventions and innovations are re-shaping customer experience, fast-pace market, tech, and design-driven future. The cutting-edge technologies arrive, bringing experimentation mindset, disruption, and digitalisation as the new reality, as well as new challenges: · How are companies creating new sustainable products, services, and competitive business models? · How innovators deliver successful breakthrough with better performance from idea concept to implementation and scale-up? · How innovation culture promotes creativity, agility, design thinking, co-creation, and are driving employee productivity, efficiency? · How can the corporate world better collaborate with start-ups through accelerators, scouting, venturing, and incubation? Innovation Management LIVE webinars on 28 and 29 May 2020, hosted by the leading experts from the large corporations, as well as by disruptive innovators, will provide an opportunity to participate in the cross-functional platform, featuring: · interactive discussion on the recent innovation strategies, · exchanging ideas and actionable insights with the key stakeholders · engagement into inspiring, informative presentations, focused on – better delivery, adoption, and scale-up of innovative solutions and business models through the power of emerging tools, technics, methods and technologies – designing an efficient, agile ideation path from discovery, through research and development, to market entry – commercializing and monetizing meaningful breakthrough innovations – enabling novel successful business models – building partnerships with the talents in the start-up ecosystem, driving corporate innovations. Our company has garnered vast experience over the years, creating quality conferences and summits that provide our participants with innovative ideas and new partnerships. In 2020, to keep up with the evolving digital world, we are delighted to meet you in May virtually.