Innovation Review on Testing and Simulation

This month, Autotech Council members open their discussion on sensors to the public. Join Autotech Council members, OEMs, automotive suppliers, mobility startups and VCs to discover the current state of innovation in this segment and highlight relevant startups with cutting edge solutions for Testing and Simulation.

Automobiles have always had a long development cycle with lots of testing and compliance. This makes sense with a product that will ship in high quantities, with lots of safety implications, regulations, and a high cost of warranty and recall in case a problem slips through. Modern technologies, such as advanced ADAS systems, connected cars, complex infotainment consoles, sensors, etc. have only increased the amount of testing that a car must undergo in design, as part of model-based development (MBD), and as every model rolls off the line.

Our meeting on automotive testing will encapsulate new technologies and changes in conventional automotive testing, and also we’ll tilt a bit more towards the testing and simulation needs for the newer aspects of vehicles:

  • battery and EV systems
  • ADAS & autonomous driving
  • positioning and connectivity
  • computer simulation
  • external sensors and in-cabin driver monitoring
  • test tracks, proving grounds, and Potemkin Villages

Testing is essential throughout all the phases of auto development, to catch problems as soon as possible and avoid the downsides. Join us as we look at novel solutions for automotive testing.