Intelligent Automation Week Digital

2020 kicked off countless automation and digital transformation initiatives, though much of this change was ad-hoc and unplanned. After 18 months of quarantine, organizations are finding that they must adjust their initial band-aid solutions for long-term change. However, after so much disruption, the employee appetite for more digital transformation is low. Change fatigue is real and it’s leading to automation tools being discarded for their lack of adoption and ROI. What’s needed, now more than ever is for organizations to take a people-centric, enterprise view of automation and all the components that go with it.

From August 2-5, participate in an event that will give you the learning journeys, case studies, and guidance you need to succeed from industry thought leaders, executives, and solution providers who have successfully embedded – and maintained – automation into their business processes.

Lead with governance and oversight. Attend IA Week Digital to…

    • Utilize process mining and discovery to plan for enterprise-wide automation
    • Design automation projects to compliment company culture and business needs
    • Re-define organizational expectations and communications about what automation means for employees
    • Hear how to adjust automation pipelines to prioritize scalability and people-centric change
    • Learn from unsuccessful projects in order to pivot quickly and salvage investments