IoT in Manufacturing Congress


Over the last decade, the pace of change and innovation in the manufacturing sector has hit hyperdrive, as businesses of all types seek to modernize their industrial processes and accelerate digital transformation. Across factory and plant floors, supply chains, and integrated networks, terms like industry 4.0, smart supply chain and IoT have shifted from marketing buzzwords to operational essentials. A truly connected industry is here.


IoT Manufacturing Congress North America, 18 May 2021 (MST), will shine a spotlight on the real use cases and cutting edge solutions that are revolutionizing production and operational efficiency in the industry. Join a peer group of manufacturers, CTOs, innovation directors, and supply chain leads at this free event, and hear about the latest in IT/OT convergence, security in the connected ecosystem, and advanced automation.


• defending against security threats in the IoT age

• Driving industrial transformation with IT/OT convergence

• Digital transformation — shifting the center of gravity to data

• Industry 4.0 and the future of manufacturing

• Dedicated case studies from manufacturers, logistics and technology providers

… and so much more!