OMMA at SXSW 2017

Laura Davis Taylor, Thomas Fanger, Jan Swartz

IoT And The Shoppertainment Era

Mar 2017

After a decade of being beaten down by online alternatives, brick and mortar retail is poised to bring the Internet into stores to serve and even entertain customers in new ways. Shelves will know who is perusing them. Signage will update in real time and tag could sport personalized pricing. Carts will read your shopping lists to optimize your aisle crawl. Smart mirrors will let shoppers virtually try on clothing. Sensors everywhere and machine learning will keep your local stores stocked with just what you now. Can the Internet of Things save retail…and even make shopping more fun?

Laura Davis Taylor

EVP, Customer Experience

Laura has been focused on creating meaningful digital experiences that bridge home,...

Thomas Fanger

Thomas Fanger is an 18-year veteran in the multimedia field. He is currently Executive...

Jan Swartz


Jan Swartz is president of Princess Cruises, the third largest cruise line in the...


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