Open Networking Summit 2018

Dan Rodriguez, Melissa Evers-Hood

Journey to Transformation

Mar 2018

Journey to Transformation – Dan Rodriguez, Vice President, Network Platforms Group General Manager, Communications Infrastructure Division & Melissa Evers-Hood, Sr. Director of Cloud & Edge Software, Open Source Technology Center, Intel

We as the industry has made great progress in moving the market to a more flexible and nimble network in order to get ready for the massive amounts of data generated by billions of connected devices. We need to continue evolving network transformation with NFV and Cloud-ready solutions as we migrate to 5G. We are only in the middle of the journey. Intel continues to invest in technologies innovations while actively participating in open communities and collaborating with ecosystem partners on the journey of network transformation.

About Melissa Evers-Hood
Sr. Director of Open Cloud and Edge Software, Intel
Deep roots in Intel’s open source presence from drivers, Linux OSs and friends, Cloud, Edge, and what’s next for Intel in OSS.

About Dan Rodriguez
Dan Rodriguez is vice president in the Data Center Group and general manager of the group’s Communications Infrastructure Division at Intel Corporation. He leads strategy for the division’s various market segments and manages Intel’s business in those segments, which include wireless core, cable infrastructure, routers and switches, and network security. Rodriguez and his organization are key contributors to Intel’s network transformation strategy, which focuses on workload convergence on Intel architecture and developing platforms to support network functions virtualization. Before assuming his current role in 2015, he spent four years as wireless infrastructure marketing director expanding that aspect of Intel’s networking business. Rodriguez has also played an influential role in several of Intel’s flagship networking products and technologies, including Intel® QuickAssist Technology and the Intel® Data Plane Development Kit. Rodriguez holds a bachelor’s degree in finance from Arizona State University and earned his MBA degree from the University of Southern California.


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