Kathryn Parsons

Founder & Co-CEO

Famous for teaching anyone “Code in a Day”, today Decoded’s face-to-face and online learning experiences span data, artificial intelligence, blockchain, cyber security, machine learning and beyond. There is no digital dark art they cannot decode. They have taught boards and leadership teams in over 85 different cities worldwide across every industry and sector.
In addition to running the business, Kathryn is non-executive on the Department of Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy, Chairwoman of the UK Institute of Coding, member of the London Mayor’s Business Advisory Board and UK Government Cyber Security Skills Advisory Board.
She is a champion for future skills, code on the curriculum, women in technology and business. Kathryn is passionate about languages having studied Japanese, French, Mandarin and Latin and Ancient Greek at University. For her code is just another language, but one impacting the lives of billions.