ManuSec USA

The ManuSec USA Summit is set in a world dominated by a focus on the Fourth Industrial Revolution, where manufacturers have increasingly adopted robotics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and advanced analytics. As automation becomes more integrated into society, it is paramount to address the cybersecurity risks that stem from the Industrial Internet of Things, cyber-physical security, and even the data integrity of underlying systems.

With supply chains spanning the world, the manufacturing sector is also increasingly subject to cyber risks and challenges rising from the COVID-19 pandemic. Attackers are exploiting unprecedented levels of uncertainty, change in circumstances, and shifts in processes, increasing both the likelihood and impact of cyberattacks across a number of critical industry verticals including Pharma, Medical Devices, Chemicals, Food & Beverage and FMCG.

Now more than ever, the skills, techniques, and processes for securing both digital and physical assets must evolve quickly in order to continue to safeguard manufacturing assets. With this in mind, ManuSec USA brings together 150+ manufacturing security leaders for 2-days of in-depth knowledge exchange, strategy planning, and insight building over October 5th – 6th. Expect to be inspired, educated, and energized, with new ideas to take-away and try in your organization as part of this forward-thinking agenda.

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