Marketing to Millennials

Millennials aren’t the future of financial services – as the largest cohort of financial consumers in America, they are the present! Millennials need to be at the core of your marketing strategy. Most financial marketers know this, but few have figured out how to do it successfully. Join us to get the answers on pressing topics:

Driving disruption: Build and authentic and transparent financial brand that resonates with millennials
Understand millennials’ finances: Millennials are earning, saving and spending differently from previous generations; understand their finances to better serve them
The millennialization of everything: Understand how millennial financial behavior is changing the behavior of all consumers
Financial literacy: Give your clients the tools they need to be better financial consumers
Multi-generational marketing: Win over millennials without abandoning baby boomers and gen-x
Millennial myth vs. reality: Get beyond the anecdotal to find out the ways millennials are different from other consumers – and the ways they’re not
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