Millennial 20/20

Jamie Credland, Ivan Mazour, George Graham, Andrew Manteit

How to build a great business by understanding your customer

Apr 2016

Moderator : THE ECONOMIST Jamie Credland, Global Head of Client Marketing
OMETRIA Ivan Mazour, CEO
WOLF & BADGER George Graham, Co-Founder & CEO
ACTIVE IN STYLE Andrew Manteit, Director & Co-Founder

Jamie Credland

SVP, Strategy & Marketing at The Economist

Jamie is responsible for quantifying the value of The Economist's...

Ivan Mazour

CEO and Founder of Ometria

I am a Russian-born London-based serial entrepreneur, investor, author and the...

George Graham

CEO & Co-Founder, Wolf & Badger

George is CEO & Co-Founder of Wolf & Badger - a marketplace which connects...

Andrew Manteit

Director / Co-Founder at Active in Style

ActiveinStyle is the UK and Europe’s leading online retailer of fashionable fitness...


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