Millennial 20/20

Paul Mikhailoff, Kilian Wagner, Jade Harwood, Hal Watts, Ivan Mazour

Cutting the fat: savvy customers meet co-create authentic brands

Apr 2016

Moderator: FORBES Paul Mikhailoff, Head of EMEA

Kilian Wagner Co-Founder & CEO at VIU

Jade Harwood Co-Founder & Creative Director of WOOL & THE GANG

Hal Watts, Co-Founder of UNMADE

Ivan Mazour, CEO at OMETRIA

Paul Mikhailoff

Director of EMEA at Forbes

Paul Mikhailoff has worked in the media industry for nearly 15 years working across...

Kilian Wagner

CEO & Co-founder at VIU

Kilian is the CEO & Co-founder at VIU, an omnichannel eyewear label from Switzerland...

Jade Harwood

Co Founder and Creative Director at Wool and the Gang

I love sustainable design and connecting communities to create change for future...

Hal Watts

CEO and Co-Founder of Unmade Studio

Hal Watts currently works as a freelance designer and engineer for several companies....

Ivan Mazour

CEO and Founder of Ometria

I am a Russian-born London-based serial entrepreneur, investor, author and the...


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