MobileBeat 2016

Seth Rosenberg, Stacy Peterson, Mark Young, Robert Stephens

Achieving the “Commerce” in Conversational Commerce

Jul 2016

In 2015, Uber’s Chris Messina coined the term “conversational commerce” to describe the coming trend of business-to-consumer interaction withi chat apps. However, commerce has so far been conspicuously absent for the most part, as consumers and brands figure out the rules of engagement. Here’s why commerce is going to be big.

Seth Rosenberg

Product Manager at Facebook, Messenger. I build products at Facebook. Specifically,...

Stacy Peterson

Chief Information Officer at Wingstop Restaurants, Inc.

Mark Young

Digital media executive with a proven track of record of building and managing...

Robert Stephens

After 18 years running The Geek Squad and 10 years as Best Buy executive, relocated...


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