MobileBeat 2016

Anne-Sophie Liduena, Scott Jones, Dmitry Dumik, Lauren Kunze

The future of smart bot design

Jul 2016

The design of conversational UI needs to be simple and personalized. But beyond that, best practices are still up in the air. When do you go with a functional, straightforward text bot, when do you go with buttons, and when do you lead with personality? And when do you hand off to humans? Experts debate the future of smart bot design.

Anne-Sophie Liduena

Director Product at EXPERIENCE: - Senior Executive digital industry...

Scott Jones

VP, Global Design and User Experience

Scott Jones is head of user experience design for online travel giant Expedia.

Dmitry Dumik

Founder at Chatfuel.

Lauren Kunze

Principal at Pandorabots, Inc.


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