MobileBeat 2016

Michael Katz, Jason Sinnarajah, Adam Medros, Mike Ghafferty

What’s the Role of an App in a Bot Driven World

Jul 2016

Marketers and brands will start using apps differently, now that conversational UI has emerged with powerful immediacy and personalization. But apps still offer many advantages, and for marketers, and it’s critical to be clear what they are. How will marketers change their strategies, and how will they decide what resources to devote to apps versus bots?

Michael Katz

Founder and CEO of interclick, took it public in 2009 and sold to Yahoo in 2011...

Jason Sinnarajah

Business development and operations executive with 15 years of experience in driving...

Adam Medros

Product leader with deep internet, media, and user-generated-content (UGC) experience...

Mike Ghafferty

CEO Eat24 at Yelp. Previously BD/Corp Dev, startup founder, and VC. Inbox zero...


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