Mozcon 2017

Jack Jostes

Key takeaways from 2017 MOZCON local for small business

Mar 2017

A couple weeks ago Jack Jostes  attended MozCon Local, a digital marketing conference in Seattle hosted by SEO software company, Moz. Attending MozCon Local was kind of like going back to college for a couple days of classes in my favorite subjects. If you’re not in the local search industry, you may not know that there is even a guy in our industry called “Professor Maps” — Mike Blumenthal. Jack  got to meet a lot of great marketers, some folks from Google and Yelp, other agency owners, and Jack came away with 42 pages of notes which he has distilled here into my key takeaways for small business owners. Kudos to Moz for creating such a vibrant community and the absolute best conference for local business marketing.

Jack Jostes

President and CEO

Jack Jostes leads the web marketing team at Ramblin Jackson in Boulder and is the...


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