Pocket Gamer Connects London 2018

Randy Barenscott

Next generation playable ads on mobile

Jan 2018

For a few years now, playables have been all of the talk and, despite incredible performance, advertisers still have not migrated much of their budgets away from video and other common formats. Why? In this short presentation, we will share some detail about the state of playables, and how next generation ads will help drive more budget dollars towards this powerful (and possibly undervalued) ad format.

For a little backstory on our interest in doing this speech, ZPLAY has immersed itself in playables for a couple of years now, in trying to find a solution that we could call our own. That led to an acquisition of a European playable ad company last year, and we also built our own dedicated marketing platform for playables around it, now called ZPLAY Ads. We therefore have lots of good info to share on this subject.


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