The Next Web Conference 2017

Ryan Detert

AI & Influencers: The Future of Branded Content at Scale

May 2017

How do brands connect authentically with their consumers at scale on social platforms? It might surprise you that Artificial Intelligence may be the answer.
There are over 2 Billion daily active users in total on the top 5 social platforms. Ever-increasingly, our daily content is being consumed in the palm of our hands. Brands are fighting to win a share of voice and A.I. may be the answer.
From influencer identification in influencer marketing campaigns, image recognition, Chatbots and everything in between, A.I. has become a central part of the influencer landscape. Ryan Detert, CEO of leading influencer marketing and A.I. technology platform, Influential, will take you through the brief, but dynamic history of artificial intelligence’s integration into the rapidly-emerging influencer marketing space and branded content. Detert will explain how A.I. and influencers can inform a wide variety of decisions for brand marketers and lead to increased engagement and virality in social media campaigns that lead to unparalleled ROI.

Ryan Detert


As CEO of Influential, an A.I. influencer technology platform and developer partner...


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