The Next Web Conference 2017

Taryn Southern

Collaborating with Robots: The Future of Storytelling

May 2017

From the paintbrush to the piano, printing press to the digital camera, the most innovative creators throughout history have always shared one thing in common: they are quick to identify and exploit new tools and platforms in the marketplace.
As one of the early pioneers on YouTube, Taryn Southern witnessed first-hand the adoption of new digital tools by a select few. In the media revolution that ensued, the balance of power shifted, rules reset, and an entirely new class of storytellers emerged. Hollywood had lost the game – to teenagers playing Minecraft in their bedrooms.
During this session, Taryn will explore ways creators can experiment with new tools or platforms to fuel creativity and innovation, as well as provide insights as to how emerging technologies like robotics, AI, spatial audio, haptics and biofeedback will transform the future of storytelling for years to come.

Taryn Southern


Taryn Southern is a content creator, YouTube personality, and advisor whose videos...


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