The Next Web Conference 2017

Chase Jarvis

Creativity is the New Literacy

May 2017

The rise of literacy in centuries past represented a tectonic shift in our way of life, with massive implications for individuals and cultures of all sizes and shapes. And today the writing is on the wall: automation and AI will have a profound impact on millions of workers across the planet. And unlike previous disruptions, this one is blind to the color of your collar. From robots on assembly lines to AI that writes code for itself to algorithmic analysis of medical data, no industry or occupation is beyond the reach of this new wave of technology. But what retains its value in this new world? Creativity. Technology won’t be able to create ingenuity, inspire unique visions of what the future could be, or look at old problems in completely new ways. Creativity is the clear answer- and so the question is, how do we cultivate it on a global scale?

Chase Jarvis


Chase Jarvis is widely recognized as one of the most influential photographers...


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