The Next Web Conference 2017

Sabine De Witte, Robert van Hoesel, Jonathan Knegtel

Why be an entrepreneur if you can be an employee and vice versa?

May 2017

Seriously, why give up the freedom to work wherever, whenever and for who you’d want to work for a company and a boss? Isn’t being your own boss more insightful, learning by doing and adding to a valuable network? Perhaps that’s just the romantic image we have of being an entrepreneur. On the other hand, what does is mean to be an employee? What are the perks, like having a manager, training opportunities, holiday cash and days? It really can’t be that bad as we sometimes make it out to be. During this conversation we’ll discuss different point of views of entering the working life in your early twenties and try to create an allround, honest picture of what it means to be work for or be your own boss.

Sabine De Witte

Freelance Journalist & Content Strategist

(Travel) Journalist spends 50% of her time chasing the (travel/tech) news, the...

Robert van Hoesel


Robert is the founder of Young Creators, Holland's biggest community of young talents....

Jonathan Knegtel

Head of Growth

Having moved to the Netherlands to study he ended up in diving head first into...


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