The Next Web Conference 2017

Purna Virji

As Far as the AI Can See: The Marketer’s Guide to Harnessing Augmented Reality

May 2017

To paraphrase William Gibson, the future is already here – it’s just not evenly distributed… yet. Our technology is rapidly adapting to our very human need to see everything, and marketing must adapt and harness this new reality or risk being left behind. Our cameras are becoming our discovery and conversion platforms – completely and irreversibly disrupting the consumer decision journey. Attend this session to war game the impact the rise of visual intelligence, AR and conversational interfaces will have on your business… and learn how you can set yourself up for success in this Brave New World.

Purna Virji

Senior Training Manager

Named by PPC Hero as the #1 most influential PPC Expert in the world, Purna specializes...


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