The Next Web Conference 2017

Molly Neuman

Let’s Flip the Script on Music Risks and Rewards

May 2017

In November 2016, IFPI released their ‘Investing in Music’ report showing that record labels invest $4.5 billion annually (16.9% of revenues) in A&R and marketing – proportionally more than any other category of industry, including the biotech and pharmaceutical industries. While there are positive revenue trends due to consumer adoption of streaming, the music business is still out of balance in terms of risk and return and there are new ways of thinking to be considered. With more than 25,000 successful music projects on Kickstarter and significant insight from the 14 other project categories on the platform, Kickstarter is demonstrating a new way for community supported creative projects to empower artists and improve the health of the industry through informed investment strategies. Molly Neuman, Kickstarter’s Head of Music and former drummer of legendary Riot Girl punk band, Bratmobile will share her thoughts and ideas on a new way forward for a stronger music business.

Molly Neuman

Head of Music

Molly Neuman is the Head of Music at Kickstarter. Prior to joining Kickstarter,...


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