The Next Web Conference 2017

Jonathan Rochelle

Machine Learning Insights for Human Learning

May 2017

The improvements in machine learning in the past two decades have skyrocketed and changed our expectations of what can be accomplished in the world. We’ve begun to successfully teach machines to learn – to solve dynamic problems in transportation, communication, commerce, medicine and more. But while we’ve advanced these machine learning methods exponentially, we have hardly changed the way us humans teach and learn. Education methods have changed at a snails pace, or hardly at all, for many decades. Lessons learned from machine learning can advance human learning so that we – and our children – can actually make use of the power of intelligent computing to improve our lives. If you want to dip your toes in the water of Machine Learning and think deeply about the importance of human education and the ways we can improve it, please join me.

Jonathan Rochelle

Director of Product Management

Jonathan Rochelle (aka JR) is Director of Product Management at Google and a co-founder...


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