The Next Web Conference 2017

Meindert Kennis

Power to the Music: Technology and the (De)centralization of Music

May 2017

The technological revolution has impacted people and businesses around the globe. It changed behaviors, expectations and inevitably business models. The music industry has gone through some of the most radical transformations when technology (de)centralized a traditional way of doing things. When we take a closer look, some of the most feared changes and innovations has actually brought music closer to the people than ever. In times of change, what are the threats and opportunities on the horizon to swing the pendulum the other way?
In this conversation with Jessica Perri, Meindert Kennis, Chief Marketing Officer at Spinnin’ Records, one of the world’s leading music labels, will discuss the impact of technology on the music industry over time, the decentralization of music and what’s next.

Meindert Kennis

Chief Marketing Officer

Meindert Kennis is Chief Marketing Officer at Spinnin’ Records, the world’s...


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