The Next Web Conference 2017

Tim Houter

Revolutionising Your Transportation at the Speed of Sound

May 2017

Let’s bring you back to the mid-seventies. Steve Jobs has just released his first commercial computer, with a microprocessor counting 3500 transistors. At that same time, humanity was already flying in Boeing 747’s at 900 km/hr. Today, even the smartphone you’re holding in your hand has more than 8 billion transistors, but still we’re flying basically the same airplanes with the same speed we did back in the seventies. What’s happening?
Hardt Global Mobility has emerged from the winning team of Elon Musk’s Hyperloop competition. Curious about the story of winning the SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition? Curious about the next steps in realizing this new mode of transportation? Curious about how a trip in the future will look like? Indulge yourself in this inspiring story of a dedicated team committed to their dream of realizing the future of transportation.

Tim Houter


Tim Houter is the Chief Executive Officer of HARDT, the first European company...


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