The Next Web Conference 2017


Sharing is Caring

May 2017

Ever since he started blogging aged 13, Nalden has been obsessed with sharing and showcasing creative work that inspires him. Today WeTransfer, the company he co-founded, has 40 million monthly active users, and employs 90 people across two offices in Amsterdam and Los Angeles.
The stakes are higher, but the commitment to promoting talented creatives stays the same. WeTransfer still gives away 30% of its advertising inventory to artists, musicians, designers, photographers and illustrators.
Nalden will talk about why this long-term commitment to the creative world is rooted in WeTransfer’s DNA, and why it hasn’t changed as the company continues to grow. He’ll probably also talk about hip-hop.


Co-Founder & CIO

Also known as ‘the guy from WeTransfer’. Born in ‘84, I grew up playing videogames...


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