The Next Web Conference 2017

Henry Daw

UI Sound Design: The Small Sounds That Make A Big Difference

May 2017

As our technology gets smarter, subtly blending into our everyday lives, good design has never been more important. Design is critical in determining how we experience a product or service, but an often overlooked and undervalued part of any design experience is sound, and specifically UI sound. From a simple keyclick to a warning notification, UI sound design has become a key factor in how we interact with modern-day technology. It’s a specialist craft, that if done well, can help to inspire the overall design, improve usability and user experience, and strengthen a brand.
During my talk, I’ll highlight a clearly defined set of principles for successful UI sound design, whilst championing the case for bringing UI sound design deeper into the design process. I will also discuss the delicate relationship between UI sound design and audio branding, and how we, as sound design practitioners and marketers, can embrace the challenges ahead as our world becomes more dependable on UI sound.

Henry Daw

Sound Designer and Audio Branding Consultant

Henry Daw is a sound designer and audio branding consultant, based in London. After...


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