nginx.conf 2016

Gus Robertson

From Failure to Flawless: Application Delivery Today

Sep 2016

When it comes to application responsiveness and performance, the stakes have never been higher. Google, Facebook, and countless other digital brands have set the expectation for every company they interact with. Customers expect instantly available, highly personalized digital experiences and have zero tolerance for companies that can’t meet their demands. Your apps are the face of your business, and you must deliver them to your customers’ delight.

In this keynote by Gus Robertson, you will learn more about the critical importance and impact that application delivery has on your business, how tools and techniques have evolved to meet user expectations, and what NGINX does to help you outpace the competition and move from failures to flawless.

Gus Robertson

Gus Robertson serves as Chief Executive Officer of NGINX and is a seasoned leader...


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