NOAH Berlin 2017

Alexander Graubner-Müller

Alexander Graubner Müller – Kreditech

Jun 2017

Company Presentation by Alexander Graubner-Müller, Founder & CEO of Kreditech at the Axel Springer NOAH Conference 2017 in Berlin, Tempodrom 22-23 June 2017.

Kreditech Group’s mission is to improve financial freedom for the underbanked by the use of technology. Combining non-traditional data sources and machine learning, the Company is aiming to provide access to better credit and a higher convenience for digital banking services. The product offerings include consumer loans, a digital wallet and a personal finance manager designed to help customers manage their credit score and plan their spending. Kreditech also offers a “credit as a service” model, allowing partners to integrate its credit products as payment method or funding source. Founded in 2012 and headquartered in Hamburg, Germany, Kreditech has processed almost three million loan applications through its subsidiaries. The company is led by CEO and Co-Founder Alexander Graubner-Müller and is financially backed by world-class investors including J.C. Flowers, Peter Thiel, and the World Bank’s IFC.

Alexander Graubner-Müller

Alexander Graubner-Müller believes in algorithms and statistical data as the blocks...


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