NOAH Berlin 2017

Christian Deilmann

Christian Deilmann – tado°

Jun 2017

Company Presentation by Christian Deilmann, Co-Founder & CEO of tado at the Axel Springer NOAH Conference 2017 in Berlin, Tempodrom 22-23 June 2017.

• [tado° Heating ] tado° Heating is a smart thermostat to make heating systems smart. With a geo-aware tado° senses when the last person leaves the house and automatically turns down the heating system. tado° helps you to cut your heating costs by up to 31%.
• [tado° Cooling ] tado° Cooling is a smart thermostat to make remote controlled ACs smart. tado° automatically adjusts your AC power to your location by using smartphone location services outdoors, and Bluetooth Low Energy / iBeacon® indoors. tado’s indoor positioning system, based on Bluetooth Low Energy/iBeacon® technology, allows one to move throughout the house without turning on and off the ACs. You can your AC’s electricity consumption by up to 40%.


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