Open Networking Summit 2017

Jan Uddenfeldt

Five Trends Enabled By 5G That Will Change Networking Forever

Apr 2017

As an innovator wireless technologies Dr Uddenfeldt has pioneered several disruptions such as GSM and 3G/4G LTE mobile broadband. As the current disruption with open network, SDN/NFV and cloud technologies moves into mass adoption, we are at the footsteps of the next revolution enabled by key technologies like 5G. Wireless 5G will include Gbps broadband as well as narrowband IoT with a need to accommodate 100 B devices. New applications such as AI and VR will require very low latency in the networks. Those trends will change networking and it is important to have new architectures such as distributed cloud. Connectivity is no longer sufficient. Automation, Life-cycle Management, Granularity coupled with massive scale are inherent ingredients of how Networks of the future will be built.

Jan Uddenfeldt

President & CEO/ Innovator

Dr. Jan Uddenfeldt, a principal innovator and creator of the wireless industry...


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