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Matthew Flaming

Building a system that never stops: New Relic at scale


In a typical day, New Relic receives over half a trillion data points from our customers. All of these need to be processed, stored, and made available for charts, queries, and alerts as soon as possible. Matthew Flaming explains why moving from the humble roots of a single application performance product to querying more than a billion events a second to serve multiple products has meant radically reinventing and re-architecting the whole platform multiple times. Matthew highlights some of the lessons New Relic learned along the way and offers a glimpse of what’s in store for the future, touching on designing scalable services, optimizing for predictability, measurement, and what it takes to (continuously) rebuild a system that can never stop.

Matthew Flaming

VP, Engineering at New Relic

I was born in Los Angeles and studied at Hampshire College and New York University....


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