O’Reilly Velocity

Building bridges with DevOps

Sep 2016

Empathy has long been hailed as one of the cornerstones of DevOps. It’s empathy that allows developers to care about how their code runs in production, operators to care about helping developers get their work done efficiently, and both of these teams to care about how their work impacts their customers. Yet despite the importance of getting these two teams to work well together, they do not exist in a vacuum. In order for organizations to be truly successful with their DevOps initiatives, they must make sure that they create environments where everyone can do their best work, not just a few isolated engineering teams.

Beyond simply being empathetic to those we work with, we must actively work to create spaces that are safe and inclusive for everyone. Katherine Daniels explains how to take the same principles that allow us to build effective DevOps environments within engineering departments and use them to create organizations and communities that encourage sustainable participation from a wider range of people, building bridges between people, teams, and communities so that everyone can thrive and produce the best work possible.


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