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David Kennedy, Alois Reitbauer

Make performance data (and beyond) accessible

Sep 2016

Today, we collect massive amounts of performance data. We build beautiful dashboards and even have fancy query languages to access and transform the data. Still, performance data is a secret language few people understand. The more businesses become digital, the more stakeholders are interested in this data—particularly how it relates to business. However, many have never used a monitoring tool before. They want to know how their application is doing but have no idea how to get a proper answer.

Alois Reitbauer describes Dynatrace’s endeavor to build a conversational interface on top of artificial intelligence that makes performance data accessible by answering natural language questions and simplifying dialogs to expand the use of operational data beyond experts.

David Kennedy

Manager at Dynatrace

David has been working at Dynatrace for 4+ years as an APM consultant providing...

Alois Reitbauer

Chief Evangelist at Dynatrace

Alois Reitbauer is chief evangelist at Dynatrace. Alois is fanatic about monitoring,...


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