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Mehdi Daoudi

We need a bigger goal than collecting data

Sep 2016

As digital businesses push for more speed to market, more cost efficiencies, and more scale, IT ops teams face increasing pressure to monitor more and more things and analyze more and more data. Mehdi Daoudi examines the factors contributing to the burgeoning demand for deeper analysis of increasingly large and diverse datasets and questions whether the industry’s current arms race to collect and process the most data is truly driving business results. Mehdi challenges business leaders and IT ops professionals alike to consider the ROI of analyses, as well as whether resource costs are being fully calculated in the effort to continually monitor and measure more, and asks: Are we overlooking more fundamental questions, like how quickly we can get real insights from our data? How we can get our employees the information they need to solve business problems as efficiently and cost effectively as possible?

Mehdi Daoudi

Founder & CEO of Catchpoint

Mehdi Daoudi is the founder and CEO of Catchpoint, the industry’s fastest-growing...


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