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Mikey Dickerson

Two years in the US Digital Service

Sep 2016

The mission of the United States Digital Service is straightforward but not easy: apply best practices in technology and design to improve the usability and reliability of the government’s most important digital services. That’s exactly what administrator Mikey Dickerson and his team have been doing for the past two years, since establishing this startup at the White House.

The US Digital Service works alongside teammates at several federal agencies to improve the government’s ability to provide better citizen-centered services. From modernizing our country’s immigration system to helping students and families make more informed decisions about college selection to developing a unified digital experience for our veterans, this work has reimagined how government services should be provided to the public. Mikey discusses how the team has grown and scaled, shares stories about successes and failures, and showcases a few of the products the US Digital Service has delivered.

Mikey Dickerson

Administrator at US Digital Services Team

In 2013, Mikey Dickerson joined what became known as the “ad hoc” team, tasked...


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