Finance Magnates London Summit 2018

Rosario Ingargiola

Prime Brokerage for Crypto Trading

Nov 2018

The biggest problem in the crypto space is the absence of Prime Brokerage, specifically as it relates to elimination of trading counterparty and settlement risk. We show how this is being accomplished with technology and without the traditional use of balance sheet and credit.
In this exclusive session, we get a detailed look at production, blockchain-powered capital markets trading infrastructure and discuss how it profoundly changes the crypto markets for the benefit of all participants. How can traders access aggregated exchange liquidity without placing assets at any exchange? How can crypto exchanges increase institutional liquidity and trading volumes? How can exchanges participate in cross-exchange clearing and settlement? How can OTC block trades be done with no initiator risk and with instant clearing and settlement? How can crypto assets stay in deep cold storage while being freely tradable at high frequency?

Delegates in this session can expect to:

• Learn about why the crypto market can never scale without removing public ledger transactions from the real-time trading critical path, and how a new kind of Layer 2 network makes HFT possible in crypto

• View a live demonstration of a solution for Custodians that delivers blockchain ledger creation for any asset as well as asset tokenization, real-time collateral management and net settlement automation tools
• View a live demonstration of an RFQ-based OTC Block Trading platform that eliminates trading counterparty and settlement risk with instant settlement and re-tradability
• Learn how this technology can be applied in the FX market to exponentially increase eligible counterparties without trading counterparty and settlement risk.


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