Process Automation Government

Times have never been better for the United States government to adopt emerging technologies. Though there are few agencies with established RPA programs, 2019 is opening the door for many more adopters. What’s more, a Booz Allen Hamilton survey reports that 86% of federal agency respondents are open to automating some part of their work – indicating an openness to adoption. Regardless, despite these incremental changes, barriers to implementation lie ahead. With major roadblocks including security, lack of interoperability, and budgetary constraints, many are stuck to answer the question – how we can we possibly promote digital transformation in our government?

The inaugural two-day event will dive into this overarching question and more—highlighting the many agencies leading the pack in process automation projects, backed by the industry’s preeminent solution providers. With Tech Talks and Advanced Strategies focus days, attendees will leave with a comprehensive understanding of how to adopt and champion their process automation journey through each step.