QuBit Belgrade

3rd annual QuBit Conference Belgrade 2020 – a cybersecurity community event in SEE region –  will be this year in a special format: all day hands-on trainings! Special format of the QuBit Conference Belgrade focuses to broaden your skillset and build your professional network. Make sure to save the date in your calendars – December 2-3, 2020.

The guidance of various health and safety organizations and our commitment to ensuring

the wellbeing of our community necessitated the shift. As we still want to share with you the valuable know-how and practical information from cybersecurity experts, we chose the 3rd annual to be special.

December 2-3 is dedicated to a full-day Hands-on Trainings led by professionals from the cybersecurity environment. The delegates will get the chance to gain practical experience from Henrich Slezak (Security Auditor and IT Security Consultant at LIFARS), Milan Kyselica (Penetration tester at LIFARS) and Shyam Sundar Ramaswami (Lead Security Threat Researcher at Cisco Umbrella).

On December 2 will be held the first online workshop on Penetration testing with social engineering led by Henrich Slezak and Milan Kyselica. This training and workshop focus on the planning, preparation, implementation and evaluation of security testing using social engineering to identify and address security vulnerabilities. On December 2-3 will be held online the Threat Investigation led by Shyam Sundar Ramaswami. In this workshop participants will perform threat hunting, fit hunted threats into MITRE framework, dissect a real malicious pcap to look for patterns, perform basic malware analysis on real malware and finally would be doing memory forensics on an advance malware that evades the traditional analysis methods.

Highlights of special format of QuBit Conference Belgrade 2020:

  • Two hands-on online workshops with the excellent lectors
  • Live discussion – Q/A with lecturers
  • Presentation papers
  • Certificate of Attendance

QuBit Conference

QuBit is a Cybersecurity Community Event with vision of connecting the East and West. Based on the success in Prague and CEE region in combination with the Southern hunger for highly relevant and educational conference, the organizers decided to expand further and bring QuBit also to SEE region. “We believe in the safer world created by cooperation among regions and countries. We endeavor to play a transparent game with the clean shield, we are willing to share the bright ideas and support the enlargement of community with this mission as well.”


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