Quest for Quality Conference

Quest for Quality is a 2-day forward-thinking annual software QA and testing conference, discussing the latest trends and topics in Artificial Intelligence & Quality Assurance while bringing together international thought leaders addressing latest challenges of new technologies.

Conference 2020 is amazingly designed and structured to strike a perfect balance between talks, breaks, networking sessions and workshops on separating fact from fiction while pointing out as accurately as possible where we are today as far as AI is concerned, its direct influence on individuals, organizations, industries & the quality and testing of software. Registration is on, quickly get the extra-early-bird discounted tickets now. The first batch of keynote speakers are live, our list of expert speakers & the agenda will be announced in the coming weeks.

2019 conference gathered over 180 decision makers from 5 continents and diverse companies worldwide, focusing on the intersection of AI and quality assurance, as well as how AI has become a stalwart for many organizations across industries and a major part of people’s daily lives. In particular, the discussions at the conference explored the subject of efficiency in software testing prior to roll-out, the accuracy and effectiveness of AI today, in testing as well as the role of historical data and human influence in AI-tested processes.

Quest for Quality began its journey in 2016 in Ljubljana, Slovenia, bringing together professionals from 12 different European countries and 79 different companies. In 2017, we decided to bring the Quest community to the very heart of technology – the European Silicon Valley in the city of Dublin in Ireland. Gathering 150 high-level software testing professionals from Ireland, UK, and the DACH region, 2017 conference was a unique opportunity to learn about the challenges that Quality Assurance in the IT industry faces in the evolution of digital transformation  while 2018 conference gave us an opportunity put a strong focus on the business aspect of Quality Assurance.