deep dive stage

No skimming. Each two-hour long block will consist of a highly technical talk, followed by an interactive discussion. Level-up your knowledge of a technology you are using every day.

all bleeding-edge technology

React, Reason, GraphQL, Vue.js, they all started somewhere. We will provide snapshots of all new technologies that will shape future development as well as topics such as PWA, Security, Optimizations and much more.

meta stage

Developers struggle daily. Sometimes with code, more often with project–management, time-management, and soft skills. Fight your daily struggles with someone who has overcome them.

10 workshops

Workshops are the best way to transform theory into practice. Join one of our 10 workshops taking place during the first day of the conference.

matchmaking app

Where is the best party? Who is working with GrapgQL? Who can help you with a code you can’t crack? Seeing old friends or meeting new ones has never been easier than with our app!