What is ReactNext?

For 4 years in a row, ReactNext has been Israel’s largest and most prestigious conference for the React© framework. The all technical conference brings top local and international speakers to share their experiences with over 1,000 developers in Israel and from all over the world. The conference features advanced topics aimed for experienced developers, team leaders, and consultants. And a great oppurtinuty R&D and product managers to evaluate the business advantages of React.

Will there be a conference in 2021?

Oh yeah!
We know how much you miss being there in person, hearing the talks on a large stage, meeting with developers from all over the world and feeling the professional, yet friendly atmosphere (not to mention great food and swag…). We missed it too! ReactNext is coming back, bigger than ever, and you are all invited for this long awaited conference!
It should go without saying that your safety and compliance with COVID regulations in Israel are our priority and in any case we feel like we will not be able to give you the conference we’ve all been waiting for – we till refund your ticket according to our very generous refund policy. Our word.