Real-Time Payments & Cybersecurity Summit

Real-Time Payments or Faster Payments have arrived and is surely driving one of the most significant transformations in the payments sector. Where as the end user (customers) have benefited from paying for goods and receiving them faster, merchants now have the certainty to be paid as soon as they release their goods and services, enhance their cash flow management, reduce fraud activity and provide incremental value to their customers.

Regulators and central authorities are playing a crucial role to modernize the age-old legacy payments infrastructure, promote digitization of the economy, through Real-Time Payments but also with FedNow (expected to be launched in 2023) payments could finally become ubiquitous in the US.

Kinfos Events is proud to organise the 4th annual RTP Summit with an extended theme on Cybersecurity this year. We welcome you to come and join us here to engage at this ‘one of a kind’ event to obtain latest insights, connect with industry peers as well as to strongly position your brand across key-stakeholders.

This event provides a perfect platform to obtain updates on how real-time payments are transforming the US banking landscape, Request to Pay, Cybersecurity and fighting Payments Risks global, common challenges, implementation strategies, use cases, lessons, and much more.