Join the Redis Community at the Largest Gathering for the World’s Fastest Database. From the first announcement on Hacker News, Redis set the standard for web scale performance. Each year, milestones are passed and records get broken. And this year we have a lot to celebrate. Not only is Redis the first database to reach 1 Billion (with a B) ‘docker pulls’, and rated the Most Loved Database on Stack Overflow, but Redis celebrates its 10th anniversary of the day it was announced on Hacker News.

RedisConf19 takes place on April 2-3rd in San Francisco on Pier 27. 1500 Redis developers, innovators and contributors will meet to share use cases, get hands-on training and learn how to build innovative applications that scale. There will be 60 technical sessions, plus hands-on exercises and other activities in the developer lounge. This year’s theme is INSTANT, which refers to the growing demand for applications to respond instantly to user interactions.